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Geraldine Fowler Doula

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Hi I am Geraldine, 

I love to make connections and serve people in their individual needs and preferences.

I have spent the last 20 years working in Midwifery. I have experiences of working in a wide selection of Birth locations, from large London Hospitals, alongside units, and stand alone Birth Centres, to Home, Yurts, and Boat Births! I continue to be in awe of the magic and power of pregnancy and Birth. 


But I am not here just for the magic!  I am here for when you need support, when you need to find answers, and have your choices backed up. Few of us go through more radical changes in our life than when we experience labour and transition to become parents. 


When I am not busy supporting birth I can be found having adventures in my van, indulging in all things foodie, running trails with my dog Elsa, or mooching about Festivals with my long term bearded love. I am a proud Mum to two teens who are almost bigger than me. Celebrating the everyday joys is what keeps my eyes sparkly!



Having a birth companion is not a new concept, in fact it is an ancient tradition.

Doulas do not take the place of any other partner that the birthing person may have with them but add extra support to all.


 Birth can be hard work, and on occasion long. Having a doula who has confidence and experience around all birthing environments. Who is dedicated only to your needs during the process, can make the difference to make even the unexpected, or challenging still a positive experience.

There is an ever growing body of evidence to support improved outcomes and greater satisfaction with birth experiences when Doula care is received.


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As a committed birth professional you can be assured that I will always prioritise your needs and advocate for you.

"What a women! Thank you doesn't really cut it. You are remarkable, patient, knowledgable, enthusiastic, compassionate - the list goes on. You read the room perfectly, gave space when we needed it and gave me comfort. You are remarkable human!"

"Thank you for looking after me so well during my pregnancy and birth and for making all the scary unknowns less scary"

"Thank you so much for your way with words and your gentle hands"

"From the moment you walked into our home we felt reassured and at ease, you were able to provide fab support whilst allowing enough distance for my labour to progress - a difficult balance to strike. You were relaxed, which in turn allowed us to relax"

"I don't think thank you quite articulates what I want to say, but it's a start! I felt completely in control and respected and this has made a huge difference to my mental health"

"Thank you for helping us achieve the magical home birth we had hoped for. Your faith and encouragement got us there in the end!"

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I work within the Continuum model of doulaing, this means that during your pregnancy we see each other for ideally 6 antenatal meetings. During this time we lay the foundations of our trusting relationship. I am there for your birth, and in the postnatal period I meet with you for a further 6 meetings to give you the best opportunity to have a great start to your new family.

I offer a free introductory appointment. We can just have a chat, a cup of tea and meet each other to decide if we are the right match for this supportive relationship.

In the antenatal period we can explore your needs for the pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. We can get to know what comfort measures I can support with. We will discuss and form birth preferences. Listen. And most importantly build a relationship of trust.

Through the pregnancy I will be available by phone for support, we can discuss how this might work for you.

I will be on call for your birth from 37 weeks of pregnancy. In the unlikely event that your baby is coming before this date I will of course make every effort to be with you.

My fee covers my continuum doula package, on call for up to 6 weeks, care in labour, postnatal visits, research into individualised needs, continued support until birth. Insurance. Training, and travel.




I have always held the belief through all my work with families that the right decisions and innate wisdom is held within the person. I come to work with you, not to give the ‘right’ answers but to support you through your decision making.

I am ideally placed to be able to guide you through any questions around your care. Being an evidence geek, I love to review the literature and evidence around a topic. Helping you access the information to make truly informed personalised choices.

Pregnancy can be a time of multiple changes and many mixed, and at times conflicting feelings and needs. I am here to give confidential, inclusive listening and non biased support.

£60 for the first consultation 

£40 per hour, there after


I offer friendly, experienced postnatal support. I am equally at home supporting you get some rest, listening and giving emotional support, or dinner, as I am giving care to your baby. I come with a compassionate non judgmental approach, knowing that you will always be the expert in yourself and your children. I can help you to access quality informational support when you feel it's needed, but mostly I will be the person to have your back, and affirm that you've got this!

If you would like a postnatal Doula let's meet in your pregnancy if possible. If your are already a parent needing support now, give me a call, I may have availability. At the very least I am a good listening ear.

£30 per hour

£250 per 10 hour block


I have 20 years experience in supporting parents to feed their babies. I use evidence based, hands off, listening and observational sessions to support you to find the most fufilling feeding journey. I can visit you in your home, giving you the time you need.

£60 for first session (may be 2hrs +)

£30 per hour follow up




Tel: 07733 44 6197

Speak soon!

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